Being Enlivened


For the last 2 days i have been enjoying citrus fruits like i have not in 3 years……juicing oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, and pomegranates (high in vitamin c but not a citrus fruit actually).  Its brings me back to when we lived in Argentina had lots of full-time help and there was always a pitcher of orange gold in the fridge.  Our favorite was a combination of orange and tangerine.  Other than lemonade, I have slipped away from citrus, but now I want it back in my life….maybe it has something to do with the changing of seasons and typical Fall colds.   More than that, it brings back memories for me, of leisurely breakfasts.  So funny how food can bring us to another time.   In Brazil my ritual every morning was honeydew melon juice — I can’t think of anything more delicious, other than Brazil’s beaches……  Tomorrow morning, i am going to surprise the kids with orange tangerine juice, instead of their current fave of fennel apple.  They have a vaulting competition so we’re getting up early.  I know they’ll love it, and i can’t wait!

Ironically, as i have started this business of supporting others in their health, my own cleansing practices have suffered.  I have long been a voyeur of Terce’s Juice Blog http://self-examiner.blogspot.com/.  She along with her husband is the owner of Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre restaurants in San Francisco.  I adore their restaurants — the incredible living, vegan food and the amazing, nurturing and fun energy.  They are inspirational, loving and generous and sharing and preparing food for others is an expression of that.  Her juice blog chronicles her commitment to take on juicing for the first 7 days of each month.  I have just decided (it’s been long in coming) to take this on.  To clarify, I am not going to simply cleanse, i am going to consume only liquid nutrition for the first 7 days of each month and see what opens up!  This is a big challenge for me, as I generally eat raw while I cleanse.  I am excited to begin, and my small voice is grateful that November 1 is after Halloween and that Thanksgiving doesn’t fall on the first 7 days of November.  What this choice means to me is that I can create my life as I choose, being mindful and open, that i can live how i wish in any circumstance…..with grace, love, generosity and poise……my commitments intact.  I do not have to be mon the juice club — 7 days liquid– I am honored to support you.

Love, health and gratitude,

Shipping: Knowledge Base

Lately we’ve received many inquiries from customers about our shipping logistics. Our new knowledge base covers that and every other common question we receive: http://www.livjuice.com/kb_results.asp

Cleanser reviews experience with LīV JUICE

Thank you Groupon

158 people became customers of LīV JUICE last weekend, via a campaign that Groupon run on the San Francisco Peninsula.  We welcome our new fans, and send a very big thanks to the Groupon team, especially MeganB.

Check out our new biodegradable bottles!


Consistent with our dedication to enhancing our environment, henceforth LīV JUICE is using the most recyclable of bottles: PETE1.  In addition to being biodegradable and compostable, these bottles don’t leach, and are widely considered the safest single-use plastic bottles.  They are made of the most desired plastic for recycling.  A low weight also means less energy used to produce them.  As a better barrier to gasses than other plastic, our juices and cleanses are well protected from oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gasses.


New Woodside Pickup Location: Thank you Emily Joubert!

We are especially grateful to Emily Joubert for becoming a pick-up location in the heart of Woodside!  I have long adored this shop for it’s fabulous pajamas, tablecloths, gorgeous soaps and it’s my go-to for gifts for virtually everyone.  Thank you!  

Farewell Summer!

I am so excited to get to the farmers market tomorrow I can hardly sleep!!  Especially this weekend……the first weekend of fall, yet it feels like total Indian summer in the Bay Area.  Maybe I can make it Half Moon Bay as well tomorrow, to stop at a road-side stand for the last of  summer’s cherries.  I am clinging to summer yet the apples are already so delicious.  Being in tune with nature is an expression of gratitude for me…….I am so grateful for what we have and for the beauty of the cycles in motion, yet I cling to the past and am reluctant to give up summer’s watermelon……   The cleanses I create are improvisational…..I take queues from nature’s bounty to tell me what to juice…..it’s fun and I certainly get to try a lot of juice this way!!

It’s been a wonderful week…..  Some highlights– a new friend gave me lots of heirloom veggies from her garden that is such a labor of love for her, and they juiced and blended so deliciously.  Another high point was that my children drank green juice with their breakfast the whole week.  (The combinations was fennel and apple –I omitted the lemon I like for grownies.)  I have so much energy today.  Sending you love, health and good vibes…..Goodnight!